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Monday, August 2, 2010

First Rant

Sometimes, I attack my life with so much logic and calculations. Like I could predict the next step that sleazy mofo is about to take and most times, I'm hardly wrong. I have a 98.9% accuracy level.

My experiences are not useless, I should apply them each time I'm dealing with someone new. I look for even the slightest trait that I have observed in a prior individual and analyse the present one with the information in hand. Like I said, most times I'm hardly wrong.

I don't see the point of having a wealth of experience if it does not influence my present decisions and make me a better person. No, I do not walk around carrying a baggage of hurt, betrayal and pain but I am very well aware that I have carried them, thought they do not weigh me down.

I know that the guy who is too quiet and calm has some alterior motives.

The guy who is too quick (I'm talking days!) to use terms of endearment (e.g. cutie, dearie, sweetie pie), should not be trusted. He'll say it to just about every other girl, it means nothing, nada, zilch to him.

The guy who gets too touchy with me and still wants to be with me....isn't really interested in being with me

The friend who is has a dictionary of excuses...isnt really a friend

I could go on and on...I'm done giving excuses for these people whose actions have already been premeditated by my past experiences. I dont think I'm making generalizations. I am merely making selections and applying them to present situations, more often than not; they fit.

What about giving people a chance to prove themselves?

I have nothing against that but if I see a trait I have seen before,I should thank my experience for helping me and nudging me along the way

What brought about this my rant sef?

O.K! I went to this dude's house who is always trying to make a move and at the same time asking me to be his girlfriend. He is my kind of person but dude just cant keep his hands to himself. Each time I go there, he is always hard. (Don't blame me for looking, its hard not to notice the small something sticking out.) I tell myself that he can change because I kinda like him... This last time I went, I changed my mind, dude almost raped me! So I concluded that If my experience cant help me then I'm just letting it go to waste. I have seen his type before so why postpone an oncoming revelation that is staring me in the face! Unless he gets what his body is lusting after, he'll never calm down enough to get to know me. That, of course, would be the last time I step into his house because he most definitely isn't interested in my pretty face or smile, just my vagigi

I wish I could find a guy that's truly celibate. That's all I need right now.

Correct me, If I'm wrong

Current Listen - Impossible by Shontelle (Loving this song!)


bArOquE said...

FIRST too ;p

bArOquE said...

truly celibate oshi...
wetin you dey find no dey for market oh
LOL@i know your type *sounds like something i will say*
PS:keep your eye@eye level, stop looking below his belt...heehee...poor boy
you seem to think you know guys very well, people like you end up falling HARD
darling, there are no hard & fast rules about this thing...
AND YOU KNOW IT...be wise sha

ZeL said...

@Stalker: Lmao. I will find o. Wish me beta thing jare! I will testify when I find, so u better be here to read all about it.

About me falling, IF i do fall, I'll do so with my head tightly screwed on my neck.

T.Notes said...

LWKMD@...dude almost raped me!Whose fault?What were you eyes doing stealing glances below belt level? *evil winks*.
N dang,you'r already on to us like a rabid child in a candy shop,what else is there to say?!Yiish,all these 20th century women!

oroque said...

i have never laughed so hard in my reading life. so women notice when a guy is hard? but hold up, isn't that a good thing? you know, that dude isn't gay and more interested in the colour of your lipstick than your "vagigi"?

i must follow your blog! and spread it too...you are way too cool for selfish reading. LMAO @ "I have seen his type before so why postpone an oncoming revelation that is staring me in the face!". why do i have a feeling the 'oncoming revelation' has something to do with his tongolo? lol!

ZeL said...

@T.Notes : Not my fault, the something was sticking out for the looking

ZeL said...

@oroque : lol. Of course we do, and depending on the proximity and action (e.g grinding)
we can tell the width, length etc. These things do matter (whether or not i'm doing the main thing). lmao

Thanks for following dear.

Lol@tongolo...No one (guy/girl) likes a guy with a small something

musco said...

Why do we always bear the brunt?

Simply put ... what did you wear to the guy's house? what do you normally wear whenever the guy sees you?

Cool blog!

@T.Notes- Don't you think she will make a good addition to the 'Monologue' series?

ZeL said...


I'm mostly covered up nicely but even if i wear a bikini to his house he should be able to apply self control.

Thanks for the compliment!

Whats with the "monologue series"?

Geebee said...

I covet your gifts of accuracy in predictions (98% is definitely huge!). I definitely agree too that there’s no point in having a wealth of experience when you don’t improve your life or make you a better person. Lol @ your guy in question but kinda curious how you managed to notice the hard stuff if it was really a small something. I wouldn’t blame him though. You’re probably very hot or he’s very easily turned on. Lol

Big Heart said...

oh dear...u're a blessin, cldnt stp laffin, esp at d vagigi,but u did hit d nail on d head...true talk my sister,lol,lol...i really hope u gave him d piece of ur mind b4 u walked out..i still wonder y guys re so desperate dey go to such extent as rape..its a very sad situation


lol the quiet ones ... there are innocent quiet ones u know (like myself) hehe

T.Notes said...

Gosh i love blogger!!!lol!!!
@Musco: Hmmm,true talk o!

ZeL said...

@Geebee : :) Well, I prefer to think I'm just very hot. lmao. Well,he was wearing some kinda short, like basketball shorts...thats why.

@Big Heart : Lol. I didnt but now I wish I had. I just carried myself like that and went home. All these desperados.

@Eleyeth Blaze : Na your type i dey fear pass. lol

@T.Notes : You're using my blog for yahoo messenger ehn?

Thank y'all for stopping by!

Nutty J. said...

Wow!!! You arent wrong. let your experiences guide you.

Cool blog by the way....

jhazmyn said...

Lol...Ur a nut case gurlfriend...guess experiences do come in handy sometimes though, on that i agree 100%...don't be too sure about falling hard though o...sometimes, even the best fall when they least expect it ;)


Zel, first time on your blog. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Indeed, you (sorry, I mean your blog) are a nutcase. lol.

I am kinda also guilty of attacking life with so much logic but when I really want to do what I really need to do, I let go of it cos it could limit one.

As per your bobo... he is surely extremely physically attracted to you. Infact, beyond measure. I suggest you run far from him o. Except if its something he is working on. You know some people have weaknesses that they are working on and it wouldn't just leave them magically but gradually. And even if you must watch that... be very careful.

And let me say, good guys are still many out there. Just as it'd take patience to get good things off the mart, it'd require patience to get the 'good' guy you seek.

God bless :)


aloted said...

funny but true post

yes let your experiences and God guide you.

And there are celibate men out there..i pray u find one :)

ZeL said...

@Nutty J : Thanks gal!

@jhazmyn : Yeah it does...Lol. Fingers Crossed

@LDP: On, logic, I agree with you on that one. Thanks a bunch.

@aloted: Amen to that sista! lol

Anonymous said...

omg.....abeg run oh. i knw his type, dey r dangerous

Anonymous said...

lol...wetin carry your eyes go there ehn?...tnx 4 stopping over...a celibate guy in 9ja ke?....na only catholic priests i know of o! Even Rosili the monk renounce his celibacy sef!...e no easy o!


im a saint i promise O:) *evil grin*

Miss FlyHigh said...

This was funny. Yes let experience and God guide you like aloted said.

with regards to the guy well if you love yourself stay clear of him. Lol

Lara said...

abeg run as fast as you can...he is up to no good at all.

ZeL said...

@Kiky : My sista! True talk, very dangerous!

@The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife : It was there for the looking. Lol..I still have hope

@Eleyeth Blaze : I hear u oh ;)

@Miss Fly High: Very true, thanks dear

@Lara : As fast as my legs can carry me...lol

T.Notes said...

LOL!!!!U r definitely rocking things at this end!!!Had2 return!
Wait a minute, how do we know this story wasn't actually the other way around?i.e,uuuu always trying to make d move!*evil wink* U're SUSPECT!

chinnyugoji said...

T.notes! leave her alone oh...
Zel, ah! keep running and don't look back! Not even for evangelism!

Nice Anon said...

Mai I tok too much but let everyone has said.. let your heart abi experiences guide you plus shine eye o!

ZeL said...

@T. Notes : I rest my case! Watch ur back cus I'm coming for you

@chinnyugoji: Thanks dear. Lmao. That was funny

@Nice Anon : Thanks for stopping by

cerberus said...

I'm a Cad and my kind who practice the art in its truest form are few and far in between.

You are wrong guapa.

The guy who is quiet and calm may not have ulterior motives but rather knows what he wants and how exactly he's going to get it. That may come from years of experience.

THe guy who is too quick to use terms of endearment is naturally a flirt. but as with all endearments used by flirts they are sincere. a cuties is a cutie and a sweet heart is a sweet heart. if you take the time to get to know him, there'll be one he doesnt throw around.

Now the touchy feely guy.... he's just direct. sex on the first date doesnt make it a one night stand...

just opinions of a cad.


of the Cerberus

GaGaPosh said...

I feel like i wrote this post myself!! =D
i agree with every single thing down to the last fullstop! lol
and shontelle- impossible, i was hooked on that last month.. killed my itunes with that song!

ZeL said...

@Cerebus : I appreciate your opinions but I strongly disagree on flirts being sincere about their words. If it was sincere, I'm sure it wont be flirting. . On touchy guys,well they're sure being direct about their intentions which is only to touch. lol
On quiet guys, me I dey fear them cus I know no wetim dem fit do.

@GaGaPosh : Thanks love :)...Heard it some weeks back and I'm still hooked!

TecknicoleurGrl said...

hey... i like your blog... first time on it, will definitely follow.

ZeL said...

@TecknicoleurGrl : :). Thanks

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