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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting a Help

We are about to get a houseboy/housegirl! Yay! I am pretty excited. So excited that I even fantasize about it. The last time we had one, I was too small to even remember. For a while now, I have been an executive house girl. Oh I look good outside, but you need to see me on the inside; scrubbing pots, pans and floors, scrubbing toilets (with my bare hands o) and bathrooms.I fantasize about me lounging and sipping cocktail while watching ekaette do all the work.

Its about time . From all the washing, my nails stopped growing because they kept on breaking, I couldn't fix my nails either because they would break with my natural nails, I couldnt even paint my nails because water would wash them away. All these is about to end ! Halleluyah!!!

On another note, I have 3 followers already (Thank u oh!). I hope I have as much as my last blog

Today is Sunday, would be going to Church. I feel disconnected from my church, its been getting very political lately and the word level does nothing for my life. I want to go to Mountain of Fire, I need serious prayers. Whether MFM or not, I just need to change my church. This will be kind of hard, seeing a its a family church and I follow my parents to church...

I'm done watching Season 6 of Desperate housewives (in 2 days).Loved it.

Food For Thought If a guy (your supposed boyfriend o) doesnt want to put up a picture (on facebook of course) where he's kissing ur cheek, does this call for concern? I mean, he does not have a problem putting up every other picture of both of us except this one. Does this call for my Sherlock Holmes hat? or I'm I just being unnecessarily petty.


Myne Whitman said...

Good luck with the help, I hope you don't over burden the person sha, lol. And maybe sherlock Holmes is needed, ask you BF questions o...

Just joking..

ZeL said...

@Myne : Lol...I'd be sure not to

BBB said...

now u have 4

yay to having a househelp
we have a really competent one in my house, am getting so lazy

ask him his reasons, he might just not want oda pple in his bizness, but be careful stil

kay9 said...

***smiles, smh**
U've already christened the help 'Ekaette'; hope u know there are Akwa Ibom folks here on Blogsville.

Anonymous said...

why did you delete your first blog. Wish my mum would just get herself an househelp, it is so not easy. as for the pic, you should ask him for his reason...his reason should let you know where you stand

ZeL said...

@BBB : Thanks4following! I hope ours would be competent too.

@Kay 9 : Lmao! Dont blame me, blame the media (nollwood etc) for overselling the name

@Afrigenic : My deleting my first blog is a story for another day, it was with a different name though....As for the pic, he cant give me any reasonable reason. ~smh~

Dee! said...

Please don't over load Ekaette with work o! If you do, she might just take off!

On the BF issue, A Sherlock Holmes hat won't be a bad idea sha. LOL!

Welcome to blogsville!

bArOquE said...

trouble dey sleep, nyanga dey go wake am...

pls, what would you want a pic of the bobo kissing your cheek on fb??? if there's something you want the public to know, why not use words...or a bling on a finger

...& who exactly is getting this housemaid? you or your mama?

ZeL said...

@Dee : Lol. Thanks ~putting on my Sherlock Holmes hat~

@baroque: Its not about the public, my on is Why is it only (only) this particular picture that is bringing so much story???

Na ma mama o! lol

bArOquE said...

you sha, leave something...
let the absence of that picture be
...meanwhile, hail mummy for me

T.Notes said...

Well welcome aboard you!Writing as if you've been doing this foreva-you're suspect!Newbie indeed!
On househelps,in this city,this time n days,getting someone to fulltime handle the domestics is much needed, i tell you!So,relish 100%!

ZeL said...

@T.Notes : Well, I wasn't anonymous before but now I am. Thanks!I plan to

Mystique and Micheal said...

Congrats on the househelp. Just be kind to him/her. My aunt wasn't. She was quite brutal to hers. Wonders why they never stayed.

The boyfriend issue: not that big of a deal. Just talk to him, see where he stands, does he want to keep you to himself?

ZeL said...

@Mystique and Michael: Would be sure to be nice. As 4 d boyfriend issue, i tire sef, I rest the case there.

aloted said...


I don't think there should be concern- personally i won't put a picture of me and my husband kissing (cheek or not) on fb cuz am not into that kind of thing..but ask your bf and try not to make it a big deal. He might just be a private person


Miss FlyHigh said...

It all depends on your BF really. By now I am sure you know him and if he is too private for that sort of thing. Some guys wouldn't mind it is their way of boasting. Some guys think it's too much and not necessary but only you know what your BF is like.

With regards to house help. I love them work wise but I just hate the thought of having to learn to trust someone in my house.

I just realised your following my blog ...drop a comment ;)

ZeL said...

@aloted. Yeah, I think I should just go with that. Makes the best sense

@Miss FlyHigh : Thanks dear! I agree with u,

On the househelp, I feel you on that one. That's our major worry.

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