When I tear, its not patched, its not stiched....Its broken...Looking for a way to fly, back into the sky, soaring high again, where I belong.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to School

Its sabbath morning, I'm obviously not going for service 'cos I've been up since forever. Been in school for a week now, missing home badly. My dad is doing so much better (Thank God for that), I'm so glad I can have rest of mind at last!

On school, guess what??? I'm in my final year!!!!!!

I'm pretty excited 'cos this school is just getting worse daily. Settled into my room with new roommates. They're sisters but before I came I heard gist that they're so dirty that they take their used sanitary pads home. I decided to try my luck because the rest of the hall was full, four days after, I'm changing halls. These children would wear their clothes and dump it on the table! Table!!! Their chair is a living wardrobe, the room has a smell and they soak plates and clothes for days! All the while I've been here they never lifted their finger to do a thing. At this my old age, I'll now be cleaning room for my juniors...Lol..I dont know if the sanitary pad stuff was true though. Didn't hang around long enough.

Everybody has a Blackberry and they just won't let anyone rest, even those with 1985 BB. I think its rude for someone to ask for your BB pin without asking if you have a BB first.

Meanwhile, my B'day is coming o! I really want to do something new. I've never left school without going home and I plan to break the jinx. I have an image of me going out & having a real good time, its even on a weekend sef. I just don't want to graduate without doing that. Hopefully,I'll have plan soon...Watch this space :)

P.S: Thanks guys for your kind words and prayers. It worked! Love u!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have never cried so much in this past week or entered into fleeting stages of depression. I want to believe that there is a rainbow at the end of this tunnel but my word!, its so hard.

My dad had a stroke last week which affected his left hand, he cant grip anything with it but can move it slightly though. It was so sad to watch because my dad transformed into a different person. A more lovable dad, a dad I thought i had lost with my childhood. Its so sad that it had to be this to bring that out in him. He started adding "babe" after my name, taking to me about stuff other than business (wow!), joking with us (he never did this before)talking about a will (scary stuff), I've seen him cry one too many times in these past days. Gosh! I'm crying and typing... My mum on the other hand has to be so strong, taking a bath for him, attending to his needs and volatile moods...sometimes I help her dress him up. Its amazing (for lack of a better word) how my life has turned upside down in a matter of days.

My dad is a very generous person . He's the kind of person that will take his children's school fees to help someone else. This has taught him to stop favoring outsiders over his own family because I can count, on one hand, the people, that have stood by my family in this time. Could this be for him to learn his lesson because I know he never has in the past.

Lord, whatever reason this is for, I just want it to pass. Please....

I just want him to be well, I just want us to be over this, I just want to go back to school soon and start my final year. I just want to be happy. I'm doing his post because I want to look back at it someday and smile.