When I tear, its not patched, its not stiched....Its broken...Looking for a way to fly, back into the sky, soaring high again, where I belong.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting a Help

We are about to get a houseboy/housegirl! Yay! I am pretty excited. So excited that I even fantasize about it. The last time we had one, I was too small to even remember. For a while now, I have been an executive house girl. Oh I look good outside, but you need to see me on the inside; scrubbing pots, pans and floors, scrubbing toilets (with my bare hands o) and bathrooms.I fantasize about me lounging and sipping cocktail while watching ekaette do all the work.

Its about time . From all the washing, my nails stopped growing because they kept on breaking, I couldn't fix my nails either because they would break with my natural nails, I couldnt even paint my nails because water would wash them away. All these is about to end ! Halleluyah!!!

On another note, I have 3 followers already (Thank u oh!). I hope I have as much as my last blog

Today is Sunday, would be going to Church. I feel disconnected from my church, its been getting very political lately and the word level does nothing for my life. I want to go to Mountain of Fire, I need serious prayers. Whether MFM or not, I just need to change my church. This will be kind of hard, seeing a its a family church and I follow my parents to church...

I'm done watching Season 6 of Desperate housewives (in 2 days).Loved it.

Food For Thought If a guy (your supposed boyfriend o) doesnt want to put up a picture (on facebook of course) where he's kissing ur cheek, does this call for concern? I mean, he does not have a problem putting up every other picture of both of us except this one. Does this call for my Sherlock Holmes hat? or I'm I just being unnecessarily petty.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broken Wings

I pour my love in –
Letting poetry, emotions, heart & soul fly;
Free to sing arias to the gods.
Body and voice soaring above the clouds,
Free, happy and full of light.

My lover builds walls
[of circumstance, timing, age, location, and cultural difference]
higher than my love can climb.

Breaking my heart and cracking my soul with the effort,
I float down to earth on broken wings, walking alone once again.

Years Pass.

Without warning, he comes knocking, then begging for my love once again.
The words I longed to hear, the touch I craved to feel, the vows that I needed –

Uttered now –
Imploring in hushed whispers with pleading eyes.
He asks me to fly again and to let my voice free.

He wants my love, my heart, my soul –

My voice is silent. My soul is cracked.
I walk alone, with broken wings.

My heart is in the hands of another –
But what will it be?

Arias to the gods or the sound of breaking glass?
How many cracks can one soul hold?

At least alone there is ground beneath my feet.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Numero Uno

My First Kiss - I must have been 13. I was in SS1 and he was in SS3, he had a girlfriend. It was nothing like I thought it would be, there was saliva flying everywhere, teeth gnashing. I exaggerate, it wasn't that bad. Too much saliva though

My First Heart Break - I was 13+, he was 24. Go figure

My First Love - My first love is now my ex, I yearn for that feeling again.

My First Post - Today